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About Antenna Satellite Services

A few words about what we do


EB@YS is an Australian Company Committed to providing Quality products and Services within the Antenna Satellite and Data industry.

We do so by providing these Products and Services at competitive and fair prices, whilst maintaining Quality. We use only High Quality components by reliable suppliers who share our commitment to excellence.

When carrying out works and testing signals, we use professional tools and Instruments to ensure confidence in our performance.


Services provided, and estimated rates

Antenna Installations from $175.00

Extra antenna points from $88.00

Vast Installations from $425.00

Phone Ext from $88.00

Central ADSL filter from $150.00

AV extensions from $150.00

AV digital modulation from $550.00

Data points Domestic from $140.00

Test and tagging with registries $6 per appliance

Amplifiers for antenna systems from $88.00

Satellite Installs from $300.00

X-ray remote systems from $125.00

Local Service calls first ½ hour $75.00

HDMI leads 1.3b hills from $7.50

All workmanship comes with 12 month Warranty.
All component supplied and fitted also carry a 12 month warranty.
If you hold a pension card you get 10% off.
All works carried out receive an emailed Invoice at completion.
Extra antenna points include splitter Amplifiers are extra.

A satisfied customer is our continual goal.


Antennas products for sale

Products for Sale


Antennas Black Arrow hills $85.00 each

LNBs Sharp LNB 10700 $35.00 each

Twins $45.00 each

Quads $55.00 each

Antennas Log Periodic $75.00 each

Splitters Hills splitters from $5.00 each

Dishes Hills 65 cm dish $60.00 each

wallplates wallplate or skirting mount $3.00 each

Email orders to or call Isaac on 0418815336

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If you would like to find out a bit more, or need our services, please feel free to get in touch.


6 Sir James Hardy Way, Woodcroft SA, 5162

Email address:

Phone:  +61 418 815 336